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Do you believe in your government and do you support their decisions? 

114 deviants said Just partly...
90 deviants said Everything is a big lie. They just want to get more power.
84 deviants said No ! (Tell me why)
30 deviants said Yes ! (Tell me why)

Devious Comments

I second FlamingDarkness.
south africa
our government is corrupt
with jacob zuma president we are about to become a new zimbabwe
Alright, I didn't read all the arguments here, but I get the general idea. I voted "Just partly...", but for the opposite reason as it appears most people have. I don't know about other countries, but I think the US government is a fine system. Of course it has a handful of major problems that the Founding Fathers could never have taken into consideration. The first is the Judiciary branch, which is odd in the fact that it allows a small group of individuals to make binding decisions for the entire country. The second is the media, which has taken the right to free speech a little too far; sure they can say what they want, which is good, but far too often they present only their version of the story, touting it as fact. This leaves many people — who think they know about all this corruption and all in the government, etc. — in the dark as to the true state of things. And a third, which is technically legal, though against the spirit of the Constitution, is the formation of a "Big Government," forbidding states from making certain decisions for themselves (the intent of United STATES of America). Examples include allowing abortion, gun ownership, and seceding from the Union.

So I support most of the government's decisions, especially ones protecting the safety of our country an that of others, such as the war in Iraq. I do not support political pandering, double-talk, laws that support these, or biased media, such as the so-called Global Warming crisis.
Sorry, just to clarify (oh for an "edit" button...): I oppose abortion, support gun ownership of all kinds, and support the ability to secede from the Union if necessary. I didn't word the original sentence very well.
Taburn Mar 30, 2008  Hobbyist Photographer
I think our loocal MLA (the guy we send to our provincial govt, or you americans.) is a tool. He came to our school to participate in a political forum, and for his opening statement, he read aloud from his parties propaganda pamphlet. Whn the 3 minuites was up, he stopped in the middle of a sentance. It was lame. When he answered questions, he read off a sheet of prepared answers, no dought typed up by his secretary, who made sure to cover all the "hot topics". It was totally lame...
Trookeye Mar 30, 2008  Professional Interface Designer
NO !
Why ? Well, I'm french :XD:

Seriously, our government just think about money for lobbies and don't care about people, It seems more and more like Bush & co, makes me fear :police:
No, they are a bunch or rich guys that made an oligopoly out-of the system. Hey usually don’t do much in their terms and support money-washing in every way possible.
My government is corrupt like whoa
I just think that when heres government (Brasil) stop being busy trying just to be longer in power and increasing their power while stealing our taxes money, that is much more expensive and more taxes than in the USA.
But I do believe there is hope still and not all politicians are corrupt.
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