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What kind of space art do you prefer? 

94 deviants said apocalyptic scenes
67 deviants said peaceful scenes
66 deviants said huge, detailed planets
37 deviants said others (tell me what) :D
34 deviants said terraspace

Devious Comments

I think I'll go with...all the above :)
ErikShoemaker Jan 1, 2008  Hobbyist Digital Artist
am besten mit geilen Nebulas^^
peaceful scenes and peaceful scenes
peaceful scenes are beautiful, especially if there are big, detailed planets, but you just can't beat a good explosion or an 'end of the world as we know it' pic. :D
I like the POST-appocalyptic scenes...
You know, it shows the aftermath of some great disaster.
Desolate and cold places with a strong sense of self-story telling.
Art-from-the-shadows Dec 5, 2007   Digital Artist
I prefer the more detailed planet work with a mystical theme.
all types have no specific preference, just love it all!! :P
aurora0x0 Dec 5, 2007  Hobbyist Photographer
Define peaceful.

Personally, I like the dark side of the moon type stuff. Dark, mysterious... where you feel alone; like you're the only person out there looking at the beauty of what's spread out before you knowing that you'll never be able to share it with anyone because you'll run out of air before they reach you or maybe you've been left behind; the beauty and the horror.

Explosions are cool, but they don't inspire a lot of emotion. Serene is cool too, but that's not terribly emotive either.

But fear, anger, helplessness... now that's something that I can sink my teeth into. :)
Hello spaceguy! I tell what:
Apocalyptic! Mohahaha!
But if it is Apocalyptic it HAS to be a really REALLY big scene! Something like this!: [link]
I'm like: the bigger and mightier it gets, the better!
If you want faves from me, give ur deviations action! And lots of detail!
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