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100 deviants said I don't care about the concept as long as I like the shown images :dummy:
85 deviants said The images used should have something in common and should fit to the month. :wow:
53 deviants said No, not my cup of tea :slow:
40 deviants said The images should fit to the month but don't have to have something in common.
33 deviants said The images have not to fit to the month, but should have something in common.

Devious Comments

great idea!
month for month... each planet each own month =ddd
das Septemberbild ist richtig klasse
Askand Oct 30, 2010  Hobbyist General Artist
I think is a great idea. If you have a concept you can go ahead and make the theme. If not you can show them with a message as to why you think they should be in that month. Hope this helps. ^^
priteeboy Oct 29, 2010  Hobbyist Digital Artist
They don't always have to fit the month. Especially considering the fact that northern and southern hemispheres have different experiences throughout the year (yep, believe it or not - for half the globe, January is hot ;)) But a "theme" is good. All calendars have a theme, that way it ensures those interested in one pic would likely like the rest :) Whose gonna buy a calendar where one month is a drawing of a dog and the next is a photo of a building etc :lol:
"The images used should have something in common and should fit to the month" Also, das du wenn du Landschaften benutzt, auch nur landschaften verwendest und nicht plötzlich auf.. tiere umspringst :D Sonst ne coole idee!
taenaron Oct 29, 2010   Digital Artist
hmmm ich frage deswegen weil ich evtl einen drucken lassen will. mein "roter faden" der sich im moment durchzieht ist, dass das jeweilige bild im dazugehörigen monat aufgenommen wurde.

ja, das ist schon ne coole idee. Wie viel würde der kosten? :D Dann würde ich mir wahrscheinlich einen holen ^^
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