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General News

At the end of each month we want to inform you about general space related stuff that has happened, promote contests and show you all the daily deviations that have been given out by us last month. If you have any suggestions or proposals please let us know.


- Discovery back on earth
- Spaceport in Mexico
- Hubble of the month :giggle:

Helpful Tutorials

To make it short and easy: please take a look at my "Tutorial Collection". You can find it here. These guides should help you to get started with space art. Some of them are for beginners, some for advanced artists. We are constantly on the hunt for new tutorials and if you have any suggestions and links to helpful tutorials, please note gucken or me.

dAMn Channel

Check it out: #SpaceArt Enjoy the growing community there. Already a long memberlist and a growing number of  regular participants.


UPDATE: You've got one more month to complete your images!
A nice little contest has been started by StefanHuerlemann. Your entry should deal with the topic "Colonise the Moon". If you are interested, just read the news or note StefanHuerlemann for further information.


Attrius crew (the name is derivative of "Atrium", which is the heart or center of a structure) is relatively new group of space artists founded by DemosthenesVoice and Lotay. Their aim was to establish a small group of young space artists with fresh ideas and skills. Releasing artpacks few times a year, lots of collaborations and packs with brand new pieces, instead of packing up art that is already posted on deviantART.
For the present time, Attrius consists of 20 space and terraspace artists - 18 artists are from original crew, two more joined after winning art contest for Alive artpack. There are plans for organizing another contest to extend group even more.

The Attrius group released four artpacks so far.

Latest (fourth) Attrius artpack comes with an almost classical theme - ELEMENTS.
However, this time four elements are paired off - Earth & Air and Fire & Water. In the result, artpack is divided into two parts, which has given each member an opportunity to submit two pieces - one for each sub-theme.

Seven members of Attrius participated in this pack - as a result there are 6 pieces of Fire & Water and 4 pieces for Earth & Air, three artworks are collaborations between two or more artists.

Latest artpack can be found here:
Elements - Artpack IV by Attrius

Previous artpacks:
Serenity + Stars End by Attrius
'Serenity/Stars End'

Antiquus by Attrius

Alive - Artpack III by Attrius

Attrius crew would like to give special thanks to FacundoDiaz for amazing flash presentation of the artpack done in such short amount of time.
Paragraph written by MacRebisz

Science Fiction art of the month v.15

A selection of the most beautiful and unique science fiction pictures of the last month. Artist of the month is Rahll
See all pictures: here

Space Age Magazine

Space Age Magazine(SAM) is a new community and a magazine for all space/science-fiction artists and writers. You can find there many great people, their art and texts, every artist/writer can create own portfolio page, filled with artworks, videos, texts, stories, articles etc.

The current task of the SAM's Editorial Staff is to put together and release first issue of the magazine with featured artworks and texts. In the beginning the strategy was asking people, using various announcements, to submit their stuff to the Space Age Magazine, but due to low number of such submissions the Staff is now forced to change their strategy. Now they look for artists and writers by their own and note them with proposals of publication in the magazine. However they still accept submissions from artists/writers, if you are interested in being published in the magazine, contact with SAM's staff on their site or with MacRebisz who is SAM's representative here on deviantART.

For now, Space Art Magazine will be available in form of a free PDF magazine featuring space/science fiction/cosmic/etc art, stories and articles. When the magazine develop more, start to publish printed magazine available internationally. They also want to publish printed art almanachs with best works (both stories and illustrations) once a year or if there is large amount of artworks - twice a year.

If you are interested in publication of your artworks or stories/articles or even joining Editorial Staff of SAM, please send a note to the SAM's  representative MacRebisz here at deviantART or just send an e-mail to

So, come, join and participate in creating first real magazine about space and science fiction art!
Paragraph written by MacRebisz

March 2009 - Daily Deviations

"Yes you have power , but...." by =AhmedAlmuqbali "..I have brain." A clever boy and living proof that you can beat anything when you're smart enough.

Moons by Nameless-Designer
"Moons" by Nameless-Designer & BPauba represents the huge development that the genre of space art has gone through. Two of deviantarts best known space artists + inspiration = awesome new worlds you'll lose yourself in.

The Adventure Final by N4u2k
"The Adventure Final" by N4u2k The suggestor said: I fell in love when I saw this creation, it's beautiful, relaxing and full of majesty.

Cataclysm by sirgerg
Cataclysm III by sirgerg was, still is and will be an inspiration in the future as well. After more than three years the quality still is top notch. Make sure not to miss the gallery of one of digital space art's founding fathers.

City 'T25' by Grimdar
City "T25" by Grimdar Escaping the pollution in an industrial city by building higher and higher buildings and plattforms. City "T25" is a striking example, yet a beautiful foreshadowing for a grim future like that.

Celaeno by patrikarvidsson
"Celaeno" by patrikarvidsson looks like a gate to an other dimension. Love to detail and a lot of depth make this piece really unique and extraordinary. Keep an eye on this artist for upcoming pictures!

Exotika by DKF
The sense of depth and scale in "Exotika" by DKF is just mindblowing! DKF shows us how to create a masterpiece with the proper use of negative space, excellent composition and asteroids!

Saturn5 by Superiorgamer
"Saturn5" by Superiorgamer stands for a classic concept. But before judging it, take a full view and enjoy the awesome quality of this very warm and peaceful looking image.

Tasan Paratuspa by BPauba
"Tasan Paratuspa" by BPauba and DKF is a frightening example of how war between humans can effect the planet.

Lost City IV by jfliesenborghs
"Lost City IV" by jfliesenborghs The amount of detail is out of any scale and the reality of the 3d design makes it almost as real. Jeff's work is ruled by those two qualities.

Reign of Terror by PlasmaX7
Witness how an execution paints the sky red. "Reign of Terror" by PlasmaX7 & BPauba shows us how the correct use of colours can add marvellously to the mood.

Birds of War by ArtDoge
"Birds of War" by ArtDoge If you had only word to describe this work, what would it be? Superb, awesome, fantastic and lovely would be striking words. It is so nice to look at this piece, because the atmosphere is rousing and you just cannot take your eyes off it. Truely an amazing work.

HOMEWORLD - The Painting by Andr-Sar
You may or you may not know the game "Homeworld". But that is not important for loving this awesome painting. The use of only two colours and the soft contrast give the image a very unique feeling. Make sure to check out the rest of his gallery as well. You won't regret it!!! "HOMEWORLD - The Painting" by Andr-Sar

The Bermuda Triangle by 19-10
Be warned! "The Bermuda Triangle" by 19-10 and janvanlysebettens does not only suck in ships and aeroplanes, but you in front of the monitor, as well!

City of Angels by Suirebit
"City of Angels" by Suirebit easily could be out of a Star Wars movie. High quality meets nice colors in a futuristic set with a touch of motion.

Little Garden by Baro
Wouldn't we all like to have a little garden in our backyard just like this one? Enjoy your day in the "Little Garden" by Baro

...: rendezvous :... by AlexWild
"...: rendezvous :..." of AlexWild and you!!! Click on the thumb and meet an awesome artist and his imagination. Don't forget the :rose:!

Ultracity by guitfiddle
"Ultracity" by guitfiddle I really wish the future to be like "Ultracity". To see an amazing cityscape like this, when looking out of the window, would be great. Be sure to check the rest of his gallery as well!

Heaven and Hell Dreams by Exntrik
"Heaven and Hell Dreams" by Exntrik Classical piece where exeptional combination of colors and softness with the sharpness of the planet made this very old piece so damn good that I can't think of a better example of how the space art should look like.

Neocity by jamga
"Neocity" by jamga There is lots to discover in this awe-inspiring vision of the city of tomorrow.

FM CAL 1 by joewight
"FM CAL 1" by joewight "Fly me to the moon.. Let me sing among those stars.." I immediately fell in love with this piece. It looks so realistic, thanks to the great composition, interesting perspective and excellent realization of the concept.

Unknow Planet by camilkuo
"Unknow Planet" by camilkuo shows a real artistic stlye and a very unique interpretation of another world. After so many years on dA it really deserves more attention.

Battle by Guthrik
"Battle" by Guthrik No matter how long or how hard I would try to come up with a fitting DD text, I would never be able to write anything down, except for "wow". I am at a loss of words, when looking at this piece.. Be sure to check out the rest of the artist's gallery!

Requiem by AdamBurn
"Requiem" by AdamBurn There are exploding planets, and EXPLODING PLANETS. This one definately belongs to the second group. Make sure to check out his gallery and give him a watch.

Progress on the Horizon by jasinski
What a funny, yet terrifying vision this is. "Progress on the Horizon" by jasinski contains an excellent combination of colours, an unique perspective and great imagination. All that turn this image into a lovely piece of art!

House of Disorder WP by ChrisCold
"House of Disorder" by ChrisCold This can only be beaten by nature's beauty itself. Even though it is a simple scene, there are a lot of details and depth combined with a special touch of light. Keep an eye on him!! p.s. take a full view because the thumb hides a lot of details!

Serrum by Abiogenisis
"Serrum" by Abiogenisis The artist truly knows how to create magnificent creature and vehicle designs. Combined with excellent use of colours and great imagination you can see the results in his gallery!

FAQ #18: Who selects Daily Deviations and how are they chosen?
FAQ #85: Can I be a volunteer on DeviantArt?
FAQ #873: What do I do when I disapprove of a Daily Deviation feature?

taenaron & gucken
Taenaron Stamp by Thiefoworld Gucken Stamp by Thiefoworld
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